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Who we are…

MASSATECH LTD was established in the year 2008 which was created as a one-stop shop, where all the world’s major Computer Brands would be available under one roof. The company caters for complete ICT solution for all branded machines from Compaq, HP, Dell, IBM, Aopen etc. MASSATECH LTD also focuses on selling varied branded Laptops and Desktop Computers all at affordable rates to consumers. Massatech Limited was founded with a simple ethic of supplying high quality products at the lowest possible prices with excellent customer service


Massatech Limited's principle business is to build and supply high performance systems, PC hardware/software and consumer electronics through the retail and E-tail market. The near past has seen a succession of products supplied into mainline Distribution and high street retailers. Massatech Limited prides itself on being fiercely independent, highly service driven and above all professional. We deliver the highest Quality of Service, backed by our significant investments that it has made in its technical department, technical management solutions and its customer helpdesk. The Company is well poised to offer its corporate and retail customers reliable and value-added services knowing that after Sales Service is equally as important as the price availability. Our backend systems combined with a great work force has allowed us to achieve an award winning service level whilst still being competitive in a near perfectly competitive market.

MASSATECH LTD has managed to become one of the leading suppliers of Computer equipments and caters for faster and more efficient deliveries. The Company has developed this organization not only because of our competitive prices but also our ability to enforce warranty and after sales support, which is a key factor in Computer World and ICT Industry as a whole. From placing the order to after sales services, we want you to have full visibility of what's going on with your enquiry. We would like to offer you our assurance that our staff and procedures will keep you updated at all times to help meet your expectations of us.

We will not deny that problems occur - the law of averages dictates that for us. The difference with Massatech Limited is that when you need help, advice or information, we are there to support you all the way.

Massatech Limited considers itself a 'focused' company, concentrating on key product lines. Our company objectives remain the same as ever....

Never to compromise quality of service
To build our business on honesty and integrity
To listen, understand and respond
To build team spirit, motivate and inspire
To have the foresight to say "yes" and the honesty to say "no"

THE TEAM – Our Driving Human Resource…

Massa Team

MASSATECH LTD is comprised of a team of young, dynamic and innovative professionals, whose Educational Backgrounds and knowledge of Computers is sound and vast.


Our Team include degrees in Bachelor of Science in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Computer Technology (B.E. Computer Tech.) Computer Science, Business Administration in a Accounting, Economics, as well as holders of Microsoft Certifications (MCSE, MCP), Compaq, Dell, HP, & Epson Certified Technician and Technical Support Personnel, who handle day to day customer enquiries. Our technicians are also specialized in various fields, which include Apple Macintosh and its Mac OS Operating Systems. 


  • Jules Collins Nguoro                 Chief Executive Officer (C. E. O.)
  • Judith Kashem Omuonyi          Director / Sales & Marketing
  • Patrick Mwololo                         Technical Manager
  • Timothy Kiarie                             Quality Control / Stores Operations  
  • Martin O. Opaka                         Transport Operations Manager
  • Tom J. Mboya                              Administration / Secretary




  • “To grow being the leading largest and the most efficient providers of quality products and services at minimal cost in the Computer and ICT world.”
  • “To expand our operations to East Africa and beyond.”
  • “To increase good service awareness by advocating professional conduct and highest ethical standards.”


  • “To provide the finest technology products and services to the world, and to our exceptional partners.”


  • “Striving to deliver defect-free products, services and solutions to meet the requirements of our customers the first time, every time.”

What we believe in…

  • Always operate with integrity
  • To be geared in providing value for money
  • To make Computer Hardware and related products available and affordable
  • To be a Customer focused Company & carry our business in Wise, Ethical and Professional way.


At your Service…

With obligations that stretch across African Continent, Kenyan’s have unique ICT requirements. Our comprehensive ICT management services provide specialized solutions by giving you Computers related products as per your personal requirement with the personalized attention of our expert Relationship Managers.


How we can help you…

MASSATECH LTD offers the following range

  • DELL Computers, Laptops and Servers.
  • IBM Computers, Laptops and Servers.
  • HEWLETT PACKARD (HP) / COMPAQ Computers, Servers, Scanners, Printers & Peripherals.
  • APPLE COMPUTER PRODUCTS and its related Peripherals.
  • EPSON Printers, Scanners, Ribbons & Cartridges.
  • CANON Printers, Cameras, Scanners, Toners, Cartridges.
  • Various Brands of UPS units:- APC, Powercom etc.
  • FULL RANGE OF NETWORK PRODUCTS i.e. 3Com, DLINK, Acton, Level One just to mention but a few.
  • ANTIVIRUS SOLUTIONS (Software i.e. AVG, Kasperksy, Norton & Macfee)
  • CREATIVE LABS Products
  • MICROSOFT SOFTWARE and related Products.
  • And many others brands in ICT World

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